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DXS - latest company news

DXS | Added: 9 Sep 2009

9 September 2009 - DXS has announced the appointment of Dr Patrik Dahlen as non-executive director.

DXS team to develop Erbitux companion diagnostic

DXS | Added: 3 Sep 2009

Erbitux companion diagnostic

Companies work on companion diagnostic for Iressa

DXS | Added: 5 Aug 2009

Companion diagnostic for Iressa

Horizon and DxS announce collaboration

DXS | Added: 24 Jul 2009

Horizon will develop a panel of human isogenic cell models that recapitulate key drug sensitivity a…

DxS and Epigenomics cross-license technologies

DXS | Added: 21 Jul 2009

DxS and Epigenomics AG have cross-licensed certain technologies, enabling them to develop and sell …

Therascreen: K-RAS authorised as cancer diagnostic

DXS | Added: 15 Jul 2009

Therascreen: K-RAS

ExosomeDX and DXS announce cancer collaboration

DXS | Added: 1 Jul 2009

Cancer gene mutations

DxS and Exiqon to host cancer therapy workshop

DXS | Added: 27 May 2009

cancer therapy workshop

Cancer test software passes CE Mark

DXS | Added: 24 Mar 2009

cancer test software

Dupont gets license for Scorpions technology

DXS | Added: 3 Feb 2009

Scorpions technology



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