Olympus America

Olympus America
3500 Corporate Parkway
PO Box 610
Centre Valley

Latest Articles


LV200 delivers bright luminescent imaging of live cells

Olympus America | Added: 10 Dec 2012

Olympus America has introduced a microscope designed to acquire very low-light bioluminescence imag…

Virtual microscopy system suits pharmaceutical use

Olympus America | Added: 2 Mar 2011

VS110-Fluorescence (VS110-FL)

System enables scanning of microscope slides

Olympus America | Added: 1 Mar 2011

VS800 virtual slide system

Olympus BX63 microscope simplifies imaging tasks

Olympus America | Added: 16 Nov 2010

BX63 motorised upright advanced microscope

Olympus introduces microscopes for clinical labs

Olympus America | Added: 4 Nov 2010

BX53 Motorized Advanced Research Microscope

Olympus introduces silicone oil objectives

Olympus America | Added: 1 Nov 2010

UPLSAPO 30x and 60x objectives



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