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Single and multi-element Claritas PPT Standards

Spex CertiPrep | Added: 2 Feb 2009

Claritas PPT Standards

Certified reference materials seminar at Pittcon

Spex CertiPrep | Added: 30 Jan 2009

Spex Certiprep will present the 'Your Questions Answered about Certified Reference Materials' semin…

Summer 2008 deals from Spex CertiPrep

Spex CertiPrep | Added: 28 Jul 2008

Summer 2008 deals

60 volatile compounds in one ampule

Spex CertiPrep | Added: 8 Sep 2006

VOA 60 Big Mix

Get custom standards in just seven days

Spex CertiPrep | Added: 5 Jun 2006

Custom standards



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