Gast Group - Jun-Air

Gast Group - Jun-Air
Unit 11 The IO centre
Nash Road
B98 7AS

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Compressor with flow rates of up to 55 l/min

Gast Group - Jun-Air | Added: 31 Aug 2012

The small footprint, low noise and plug and play capability of the 85R-4P makes it ideal for point-…

JUN-AIR special promotion

Gast Group - Jun-Air | Added: 25 Jul 2006

New for Old compressor promotion

Jun-Air awarded Airchannel silver supplier status

Gast Group - Jun-Air | Added: 21 Mar 2006

Status ensures that Airchannel is able to offer customers complete compressed air solutions suited …

Quiet, bacteria-free air for optical/dental labs

Gast Group - Jun-Air | Added: 13 Jan 2006

Compressed air generators

Compressor pumps now available to laboratory OEMs

Gast Group - Jun-Air | Added: 30 Sep 2005

OF301, OF120, OF302, OF1202

Air quality guaranteed on compressor/vacuum pumps

Gast Group - Jun-Air | Added: 12 Apr 2001

OF300 compressor/vacuum pump units


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