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Diba Industries
4 Precision Road
CT 06810

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The 10-32 cone-tip Click-N-SealM Ultra

Click-N-Seal Pittcon premier

Diba Industries | Added: 17 Feb 2015

Diba Industries will display its 10-32 cone-tip Click-N-Seal Ultra on booth 2828 at Pittcon 2015.

6-40 Click-N-Seal Micro

Diba to exhibit micro fittings at Pittcon 2015

Diba Industries | Added: 7 Jan 2015

Diba Industries will be exhibiting its 6-40 Click-N-Seal Micro fittings at Pittcon 2015 this March.

Diba Industries will feature its extensive line of probes and fluid connection systems at the Americ

Diba to exhibit probes at Clinical Lab Expo

Diba Industries | Added: 29 Jul 2013

Diba will feature its range of probes and fluid connection systems at the American Association for …


Diba to introduce standard probes at Pittcon

Diba Industries | Added: 13 Mar 2013

Diba Industries will be introducing its latest range of standard probes at the Pittcon 2013 exhibit…


Diba to showcase standardised probes and tubing

Diba Industries | Added: 18 Dec 2012

Diba’s standard fluidics system probes and tubing assemblies will be on display at SLAS 2013, Booth…


Fluid sampling probes at AACC

Diba Industries | Added: 27 Jun 2012

Diba Industries will display its probes for IVD, scientific analysis and medical applications at th…

Brochure aids fittings selection for fluidics

Diba Industries | Added: 15 Aug 2011

Dibafit Fitting Systems brochure

Diba introduces line of PEEK-cased ferrules

Diba Industries | Added: 11 May 2011

PEEK-cased ferrules

Microbarb low-carryover connectors at Pittcon 2011

Diba Industries | Added: 16 Feb 2011

Microbarb low-carryover connectors at Pittcon 2011

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