Lux Innovate
Unit 5.3
Research Avenue South
Heriot Watt Research Park
EH14 4AP

Latest Articles

Lux to develop corrosion monitoring technology

Lux Innovate | Added: 30 Sep 2009

Corrosion monitoring technology

Lux gets grant for oil additive detection research

Lux Innovate | Added: 24 Mar 2009

Lux Innovate has been awarded a GBP70,000 Smart grant from Scottish Enterprise to investigate a det…

Lux Innovate - latest company news

Lux Innovate | Added: 20 Mar 2009

20 March 2009 - Lux Innovate has appointed Dr Keith Winton as chairman to its board of directors.

Lux Biotechnology announces appointment of COO

Lux Innovate | Added: 30 May 2007

Specialist developer of light based detection technologies has announced the appointment of Bryan S…

Lux biotechnology wins Pfizer award for innovation

Lux Innovate | Added: 22 Nov 2006

The award recognises the results achieved by Lux's pioneering research and development and the comp…

Theatre inspired by the wonders of bioluminescence

Lux Innovate | Added: 17 Nov 2006

Lux biotechnology announces the world premiere of The Paper Nautilus, the new work from performing …

Luminous fungi research led to creation of company

Lux Innovate | Added: 17 Nov 2006

Lux screens offer an effective platform for high throughput screening and give extraordinary insigh…

GE Healthcare VP becomes chairman of Lux

Lux Innovate | Added: 17 Nov 2006

In 14 November 2005 Lux Biotechnology announced that Jim Brown, the exiting senior executive of GE …



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