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PolyScience General Purpose Water Bath

Electronics and Firmware Redesign for PolyScience General Purpose Water Baths

PolyScience | Added: 25 Jul 2020

PolyScience has worked with DMC to develop custom control electronics and user interface for its Ge…

PolyScience Chiller and Refrigerated Circulator

Chillers and refrigerated circulating baths

PolyScience | Added: 9 Jan 2015

A selection of chillers and refrigerated circulating baths that provide precise temperature control…

PolyScience Digital Water Baths

Precise temperature water baths

PolyScience | Added: 13 Jun 2014

A line of general purpose water baths combining precise temperature control with full-featured digi…

The LX Immersion Circulator

Economical immersion circulator

PolyScience | Added: 12 May 2014

An economical immersion circulator suitable for basic liquid heating applications is now available …

The PolyScience range of refrigerated circulators

Precise temperature control

PolyScience | Added: 28 Apr 2014

Circulators that providing precise temperature control for cold properties testing applications is …

PolyScience   Circulators are designed for a wide range of membrane testing system applications

Baths provide precise control

PolyScience | Added: 3 Feb 2014

A variety of circulating baths providing precise temperature control for membrane filtration charac…

PolyScience Advanced Digital Circulator

Precise cooling from PolyScience

PolyScience | Added: 21 Nov 2013

A high-performance circulator providing the precise cooling needed to enhance electrophoresis separ…

PolyScience now offers 16 low temperature circulators

Programmable circulators from PolyScience

PolyScience | Added: 8 Nov 2013

PolyScience offers 16 low temperature circulators that provide precise temperature control for dema…

PolyScience Histology products

PolyScience easy to use histology products

PolyScience | Added: 11 Oct 2013

Two devices designed for the fast freezing of tissue samples and specimens are now available from P…

PolyScience launches a ranger of performance programmable circulating baths

PolyScience programmable circulating baths

PolyScience | Added: 9 Jul 2013

A line of circulating water baths that run multi-step ramp programmes & single temperature testing …

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