Ethernet Direct

Ethernet Direct
19F, No. 345
Chung Ho Road
Yung Ho

Latest Articles

Stackable workgroup switch offers reliability

Ethernet Direct | Added: 18 Aug 2007

Jaguar JME-24F2 Managed Ethernet Workgroup switch

Slim industrial Ethernet switch protects power

Ethernet Direct | Added: 11 Aug 2007

HUE-800S Ethernet switch

Ethernet Direct targets South African customers

Ethernet Direct | Added: 11 Aug 2007

Ethernet Direct has established Ethernet Direct South Africa which is located in Johannesburg to se…

Ethernet switches to survive extreme conditions

Ethernet Direct | Added: 13 Dec 2006

Industrial Ethernet Switch

Husky switches are Intravue-compatible

Ethernet Direct | Added: 8 Aug 2006

Husky series industrial ethernet managed switch

Ethernet Direct expands operations

Ethernet Direct | Added: 19 Jul 2006

Ethernet Direct, a professional and primary provider of industrial networking and communication sol…


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