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Latest Articles

Glide Pharma launches pen-sized actuator

Glide Pharma | Added: 10 Mar 2009

Glide actuator

Third new pharma partner for 2008

Glide Pharma | Added: 18 Jun 2008

Specialty pharma company Glide Pharma announced at Bio2008 that it has signed agreements with two m…

Solid Dose Injector attracts further interest

Glide Pharma | Added: 27 Feb 2008

Glide Pharma has signed an agreement with a leading pharmaceutical company to evaluate its propriet…

New board and management team appointments

Glide Pharma | Added: 19 Dec 2006

Glide Pharma has strengthened its board with the appointment of Charles Swingland, and its senior …

Feasibility study for protein based drug

Glide Pharma | Added: 17 Jan 2006

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