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Berkeley Nucleonics
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Latest Articles


Mixed field analyser eliminates post processing

Berkeley Nucleonics | Added: 22 Jun 2012

The instrument provides real time event processing for fast organic liquid scintillation detectors. 


Measuring radiation in food, liquid and soil

Berkeley Nucleonics | Added: 30 May 2012

The 971 Food-SSAFE Kit offers non-technical users a method for measuring radiation levels found in …

Berkeley Nucleonics offers ARB function generator

Berkeley Nucleonics | Added: 1 Aug 2011

Model 645 ARB function generator

Berkeley offers isotope identifier upgrade

Berkeley Nucleonics | Added: 1 Aug 2011

Eagle Operating System

Waveform generator helps to boost MEMS performance

Berkeley Nucleonics | Added: 1 Aug 2011

Model 645 arbitrary waveform generator

Output stage boosts maximum pulse amplitude to 45V

Berkeley Nucleonics | Added: 1 Aug 2011

Model 575 digital delay/pulse generator

Berkeley generators shown at Shanghai Photonics

Berkeley Nucleonics | Added: 29 Jul 2011

Pulse and digital delay generators

BNC expands capability of Model 6040

Berkeley Nucleonics | Added: 18 Mar 2009

Model 6040 light pulse generator

BNC launches Model 1105 universal counter

Berkeley Nucleonics | Added: 17 Feb 2009

Model 1105 universal counter

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