Vantix Ltd
Unit 2 Suite 2
Abbey Barns, Duxford Road
CB10 1SX

Latest Articles

Tool detects illegal antibiotics in animal feed

Vantix Ltd | Added: 4 Jan 2011

Vantix Research II system

Five-minute swab test to detect MRSA bug

Vantix Ltd | Added: 14 Oct 2010

Vantix biosensor

Biosensor detects trace levels of illegal drugs

Vantix Ltd | Added: 17 Sep 2010

Vantix biosensor

Instant, on-site drugs testing for race horses

Vantix Ltd | Added: 3 May 2007

Sensortec technology

Microfluidic biosensors for diagnostic devices

Vantix Ltd | Added: 22 Mar 2007

Biosensor company Sensortec and microfluidics specialist Minifab are collaborating to provide a fas…

Sensortec wins contract with DxTech

Vantix Ltd | Added: 24 Nov 2006

Sensortec has entered into an exclusive global agreement with DxTech, assigning the rights of the I…

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