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Rapid enumeration test from bioMérieux

BioMerieux | Added: 29 Apr 2013

The TEMPO AC enumerates total flora in food products and environmental samples.

image 1

Listeria test for food and environmental samples

BioMerieux | Added: 9 Nov 2012

VIDAS UP recombinant phage technology provides next-day results for Listeria detection.


Microorganism identification using VITEK MS

BioMerieux | Added: 12 Sep 2012

BioMérieux has launched its VITEK mass spectrometry solution for accurate, automated and ultra rapi…

Biomerieux offers Salmonella detection technology

BioMerieux | Added: 24 Jun 2011

Vidas UP Salmonella

NHS trust utilises Bact/Alert 3D for blood culture

BioMerieux | Added: 26 Jan 2011

Bact/Alert 3D system

Automated Listeria test gains OMA approval

BioMerieux | Added: 18 Oct 2010

Vidas Listeria Xpress

Biomerieux system to provide platelet screening

BioMerieux | Added: 21 Sep 2010

Bact/Alert 3D system

Chromogenic medium detects MRSA in 24 hours

BioMerieux | Added: 14 Sep 2010

ChromID MRSA chromogenic medium

Locksure enables secure environmental sampling

BioMerieux | Added: 8 Sep 2010

Locksure technology

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