University of Leeds

University of Leeds
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Big pharma may see crystal-clear savings

University of Leeds | Added: 6 Jun 2008

Crystalline polymorphism monitor

Chloroform clue to riddle of general anaesthesia.

University of Leeds | Added: 31 Mar 2008

One of the earliest general anaesthetics to be used, chloroform, has shed light on a mystery that's…

Scientists unravel the fight with cervical cancer

University of Leeds | Added: 25 Mar 2008

Faculty of Biological Sciences

Microchip technology to improve disease diagnosis

University of Leeds | Added: 11 Mar 2008

Bio-microchip technology

Leeds skin researchers achieve quality standard

University of Leeds | Added: 21 May 2007

The Skin Research Centre in the university's faculty of biological sciences was one of the first re…


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