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Latest Articles

Test cuts hospital death rates by 42%

AdvanDx | Added: 24 Oct 2008

PNA Fish test

AdvanDX receives clearance for yeast traffic light

AdvanDx | Added: 26 Sep 2008

Yeast Traffic Light PNA Fish

PNA Fish for bloodstream infection diagnoses

AdvanDx | Added: 8 Aug 2008

PNA Fish tests

Yeast Traffic Light submitted for FDA clearance

AdvanDx | Added: 4 Jun 2008

Yeast Traffic Light

PNA FISH tests helps identify pathogens in hours

AdvanDx | Added: 22 Aug 2007

AdvanDx PNA FISH Test

Panagene to supply probes for PNA Fish diagnostics

AdvanDx | Added: 12 Jun 2007

PNA Fish in vitro diagnostics

Bloodstream pathogen identification in two hours

AdvanDx | Added: 23 May 2007

PNA Fish rapid diagnostic tests


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