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Scientists at Newcastle University are using the Testo Saveris 2

Newcastle University protect precious research with testo Saveris 2

Testo Limited | Added: 31 Oct 2018

Scientists at Newcastle University are using the Testo Saveris 2 to ensure that precious research d…

Testo UK is celebrating 35 years with a monthly prize draw

Testo UK Celebrates 35 Year Anniversary with 35 Instrument Prize Draw

Testo Limited | Added: 28 Aug 2018

Testo UK is celebrating is 35 year anniversary with a monthly prize draw to give away a total of 35…

Testo data loggers

TESTO data loggers measure up

Testo Limited | Added: 18 Feb 2015

TESTO is a leading manufacturer of test and measurement equipment that offers a comprehensive range…

Cloud-based temperature and humidity monitor

Testo Limited | Added: 14 Oct 2014

The Saveris 2 system was developed by Testo’s measurement technology specialists in Germany’s Black…

Testo Saveris-2

Temperature and humidity monitoring with cloud technology

Testo Limited | Added: 14 Oct 2014

Testo has developed a cloud-based temperature and humidity monitoring system for simplified measure…

Testo medical refrigeration

Temperature monitoring in medical refrigerators

Testo Limited | Added: 17 Sep 2013

The testo Saveris automated data monitoring system measures, monitors and stores the temperatures i…

Testo devices provide fast accurate measurement

Testo Limited | Added: 4 Feb 2010

Testo 622 and Testo 623 instruments

Testo upgrades infrared thermal imagers

Testo Limited | Added: 23 Oct 2008

880 range of infrared (IR) thermal imagers

Pocket-size measuring instruments for everyday use

Testo Limited | Added: 22 Mar 2007

Pocket sized measuring instruments

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