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Latest Articles

University utilises Smartchip Nano-dispenser

WaferGen Biosystems | Added: 13 Nov 2009

Smartchip Nano-dispenser

Wafergen Biosystems - latest company news

WaferGen Biosystems | Added: 16 Apr 2009

15 April 2009 - Wafergen Biosystems has signed a definitive agreement to sell redeemable convertibl…

Wafergen presents Smartchip data

WaferGen Biosystems | Added: 2 Mar 2009

Smartchip real-time PCR system

Test programme shows Smartchip performance

WaferGen Biosystems | Added: 13 Jan 2009

real-time PCR system

Gene research to incorporate Smartchip system

WaferGen Biosystems | Added: 3 Nov 2008

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has awarded a team of researchers a USD3m (GBP1.9m) grant t…

Wafergen agreement for Smartslide distribution

WaferGen Biosystems | Added: 8 Oct 2008

Smartslide micro-incubation system

SmartSlide in Switzerland, Taiwan, Nordic region

WaferGen Biosystems | Added: 29 Jul 2008

WaferGen Biosystems has signed distribution agreements for SmartSlide micro-incubation system with …



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