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FD-3SWIR camera offers three InGaAs sensors

FluxData | Added: 17 Jul 2012

FluxData has introduced the first commercially available common aperture three sensor multispectral…

Multispectral camera captures image from space

FluxData | Added: 24 Jun 2011

FD-1665 multispectral camera

Fluxdata imager used in Japanese space mission

FluxData | Added: 24 Jan 2011

Fluxdata imager

Fluxdata launches FD-1665P polarisation camera

FluxData | Added: 1 Oct 2009

FD-1665P polarisation camera

Imaging system has integrated computer system

FluxData | Added: 15 Jun 2009

Multispectral imaging system

Multi-spectral 3CCD cameras are customisable

FluxData | Added: 2 Jun 2008

FD-1665 series


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