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Latest Articles

Composites facility installs Imatek impact tester

Imatek | Added: 28 Oct 2010

IM10T-20 Impact Tester

Czech research group utilises Imatek impact tester

Imatek | Added: 27 Oct 2010

IM10T-30HV Impact Tester

Imatek installs Impact Test system at university

Imatek | Added: 23 Jun 2010

IM10 Impact Test system

Imatek delivers IM10-30 Impact Tester to BARC

Imatek | Added: 7 Oct 2008

IM10-30 Impavt Tester

Imatek delivers DWT40-25 DWTT to Rautaruukki

Imatek | Added: 7 Oct 2008

DWT40-25 drop weight tear tester

Imatek unveils R6000 twin-bore capillary rheometer

Imatek | Added: 6 Oct 2008

R6000 twin-bore capillary rheometer


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