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ELRIG announces details of drug discovery conference

Elrig | Added: 20 Aug 2012

ELRIG has unveiled details of speakers and workshops for its 6th Annual Drug Discovery Conference.

Conference to cover R and D in bioprocessing

Elrig | Added: 21 Feb 2011

High-throughput bioprocess development conference

Drug discovery conference invites scientists

Elrig | Added: 27 Jan 2011

drug discovery conference invites scientists

Online registration opens for drug discovery event

Elrig | Added: 2 Aug 2010

Drug Discovery 2010

Elrig plans microfluidics and nanotechnology event

Elrig | Added: 22 Apr 2010

Microfluidics and nanotechnology conference

Elrig awards GBP5,000 to Technobotts team

Elrig | Added: 19 Oct 2009

Elrig has agreed to sponsor the Technobotts team in its venture to enter the Robocup 2010 in Singap…

Elrig opens Drug Discovery online registration

Elrig | Added: 14 Jul 2009

Drug Discovery 2009


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