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Software improves miniaturised assay preparation

Labcyte | Added: 14 Jan 2013

A collaboration between Labcyte and Titian has developed an improved system for miniturised assay d…


ICR uses Access to automate production of microplates

Labcyte | Added: 1 Aug 2012

The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) has automated the production of low-volume, assay-ready micr…

System automates liquid handler on a bench top

Labcyte | Added: 31 Jan 2011

Access Laboratory Workstation

Acoustic platform identifies cancer therapeutics

Labcyte | Added: 14 Dec 2010

acoustic liquid handler Echo

Echo platform uses sound to move fluids

Labcyte | Added: 25 Aug 2010

Echo liquid-handling platform

Liquid-class packages for use with Echo dispensers

Labcyte | Added: 28 Jan 2010

Echo acoustic dispensers

Labcyte - latest company news

Labcyte | Added: 23 Sep 2009

23 September 2009 - Labcyte has announced the selection of Bioscreen Instruments as its exclusive d…

Labcyte introduces acoustic cell-detection system

Labcyte | Added: 19 Aug 2009

Labcyte acoustic cell system

Labcyte selects Tekon as exclusive distributor

Labcyte | Added: 14 Aug 2009

Echo liquid-handler

Labcyte liquid handler features in science journal

Labcyte | Added: 6 Aug 2009

Echo liquid handlers

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