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Scientific EMCCD camera

Photometrics | Added: 30 Jun 2014

EMCCD camera from Photometrics designed with true quantitative stability across a range of operatio…

EMCCD camera

EMCCD camera from Photometrics

Photometrics | Added: 5 Dec 2013

The Evolve 128 deep-cooled, back-thinned EMCCD camera is designed to offer life science researchers…

Photometrics CoolSNAP MYO

Photometrics unveils CCD system

Photometrics | Added: 25 Jul 2013

The CoolSNAP MYO is a high resolution sensitivity camera for moderate to low-light life science app…

Photometrics Evolve Delta 512

Photometrics upgrades imaging system

Photometrics | Added: 4 Jul 2013

The Evolve 512 Delta EMCCD camera from Photometrics is designed to double the rate of data acquisit…

James Joubert Applications Scientist

Eliminating variability for image data comparison

Photometrics | Added: 19 Sep 2012

James Joubert, applications scientist at Photometrics, provides advice on how to deal with variabil…


Evolve 512 Delta cuts data acquisition time in half

Photometrics | Added: 13 Jun 2012

Photometrics has launched the industry’s fastest and most sensitive camera for super-resolution ima…


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