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4020 Rue Saint Ambroise
H4C 2C7

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LVEM5 microscope features TEM BOOST module

Delong America | Added: 26 Nov 2012

The TEM BOOST module on LVEM5 allows magnification range to be improved by 1,400-700,000 times.


Accessories available for the LVEM5 microscope

Delong America | Added: 19 Oct 2012

Delong America has unveiled the Tilt Holder and AFM Tip Holder for the LVEM5 benchtop electron micr…

Delong LVTEM5 used in study of nanomaterials

Delong America | Added: 7 Jun 2010

LVTEM5 low-voltage electron microscope

Electron microscope used in marine studies

Delong America | Added: 4 May 2010

LVEM5 bench-top electron microscope

LVEM bench-top TEM evaluates bacteriophages

Delong America | Added: 13 Apr 2010

LVEM bench-top TEM


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