Adam Equipment Co Ltd

Adam Equipment Co Ltd
Maidstone Road
Milton Keynes
MK10 0BD

Latest Articles

Adam Equipment washdown scales

High-readability washdown scales

Adam Equipment Co Ltd | Added: 3 Jan 2014

Adam Equipment has announced the addition of two high-readability models to its Warrior washdown li…

Balances for lab or field

Balances designed for lab or field

Adam Equipment Co Ltd | Added: 29 Nov 2013

Combining portability with durability, Adam Equipment’s PGL precision balances are designed to with…

Highland lab balance

Portable balance for expert precision

Adam Equipment Co Ltd | Added: 26 Sep 2013

The portable lab balance from Adam Instruments is designed to offer the user unparalleled experienc…

PGW balance

Adam Equipment introduces PGW balances

Adam Equipment Co Ltd | Added: 28 Jun 2013

The line of PGW precision balances designed for laboratory use features 20 assorted models across i…

Balance manufacturer opens plant in China

Adam Equipment Co Ltd | Added: 16 Sep 2005

The company is believed to be the first UK company to open a wholly owned subsidiary in modern day …


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