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IDBS to release integrated software platforms

IDBS | Added: 3 Oct 2011

Integrated enterprise software platforms

Dairy company selects IDBS E-Workbook Suite

IDBS | Added: 6 Aug 2009

E-Workbook Suite

Cambridge University selects IDBS E-Workbook

IDBS | Added: 4 Jun 2009

IDBS E-Workbook

IDBS announces innovation partner programme

IDBS | Added: 29 May 2009

Innovation partner programme

Vernalis buys Chembook E-Workbook Suite

IDBS | Added: 22 May 2009

Chembook E-Workbook Suite

CEA selects Biobook for data capture and analysis

IDBS | Added: 20 Feb 2009

E-WorkBook for Biology (Biobook)

ID Business Solutions enters 20th year

IDBS | Added: 4 Feb 2009

ID Business Solutions (IDBS) has begun its twentieth year, having shown robust growth, profitabilit…

IDBS announces software collaboration

IDBS | Added: 9 Jan 2009

IDBS has announced a collaboration with Perkin Elmer at the 6th Annual High Content Analysis Confer…


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