Kistler Instruments

Kistler Instruments
13 Murrell Green Business Park
London Road
RG27 9GR

Latest Articles

Sensors protect ESA satellites during test

Kistler Instruments | Added: 26 Sep 2007

Type 9377B force links

Calibrate up to six piezoelectric pressure sensors

Kistler Instruments | Added: 21 Mar 2007

Six-channel high-temperature calibration system

Ceramic shear accelerometers are cased in titanium

Kistler Instruments | Added: 20 Mar 2007

Type 8714B accelerometers

Lightweight accelerometer has Teds capability

Kistler Instruments | Added: 12 Mar 2007

Type 8702B and 8704B accelerometers

Powertrain project engineer wins Nintendo Wii

Kistler Instruments | Added: 12 Mar 2007

Javan Balderson's visit to the Kistler stand at Mtec 2007 proved to be more than just an opportunit…

Win a Nintendo Wii on Kistler's stand at Mtec 2007

Kistler Instruments | Added: 2 Jan 2007

Industrial torque sensors


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