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Latest Articles

Nikon acheives probe accuracy

Nikon | Added: 1 Mar 2012

LC15Dx scanner

Upright microscopes offer easy one-touch operation

Nikon | Added: 5 Sep 2011

Eclipse Ci and Ni upright microscope ranges

Nikon technology supports bioscience applications

Nikon | Added: 21 Jul 2011

CFI Plan Apochromat lambda series of objectives

Nikon Instruments to sponsor First World Cell Race

Nikon | Added: 27 May 2011

First World Cell Race

System performs simplified multiphoton imaging

Nikon | Added: 3 May 2011

A1 MP scanner

Inverted microscope aids muscle disease research

Nikon | Added: 13 Apr 2011

Eclipse Ti inverted microscope

Nikon launches enhanced imaging software

Nikon | Added: 9 Mar 2011

NIS-Elements 3.2

C2 microscope allows entry-level confocal imaging

Nikon | Added: 31 Jan 2011

C2 confocal laser microscope

Imaging software released for biosciences market

Nikon | Added: 25 Nov 2010

NIS-Elements version 3.2


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