Idec Electronics

Idec Electronics
Chineham Business Park
RG24 8WA

Latest Articles

Analogue and thermocouple modules are upgraded

Idec Electronics | Added: 4 Jul 2008

PLC Pentra and MicroSmart range

System integration programme continues to grow

Idec Electronics | Added: 16 Feb 2007

With the growing demand from machine builders and system integrators for high level local support, …

Clarifying and quantifying the cost of change

Idec Electronics | Added: 28 Nov 2006

WindLDR PLC ladder software

"Value your sales channel"

Idec Electronics | Added: 23 Jun 2006

Developing strong relationships with your sales channel is surely the best way to bring success to …

Connecting GSM modems to PLCs

Idec Electronics | Added: 28 Mar 2006

GSM modem


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