Latest Case Studies

BMG Labtech have released an App note on the use of its CLARIOstar microplate reader

Application note for physcomitrella patens promoter

BMG Labtech | Added: 18 Sep 2015

BMG Labtech has released an App note on the use of its CLARIOstar microplate reader in finding a pr…

Chromatrap Chip Seq

ChIP-seq assay application note

Porvair Sciences | Added: 2 Sep 2015

A Fast, Reliable High Throughput ChIP-seq Assay.

Bio-Rad’s QX200 Droplet Digital PCR System

Rapid chromosomal phasing via Bio-Rad

Bio-Rad Laboratories | Added: 22 Jun 2015

Researchers at Harvard Medical School and the Digital Biology Center at Bio-Rad Laboratories have d…

In the Amsbio application report, a novel 3D spheroid triculture model for evaluating breast cancer

3D model evaluates cancer progression

Amsbio | Added: 15 Oct 2014

An application note from AMSBIO is claimed to introduce a more predictive and realistic model for e…

TAP Biosystems' ambr system

Uniform microcarrier samples with the ambr system

TAP Biosystems | Added: 4 Nov 2013

TAP Biosystems has developed another method of using microcarriers with its ambr micro bioreactor s…

The latest Application of TAP’s ambr Microscale Bioreactor offers rapid method development of larg

Latest application for TAP ambr

TAP Biosystems | Added: 23 Oct 2013

TAP Biosystems has announced the latest application of its ambr micro bioreactor system as a perfus…

Researchers at ASU have invested in Tecan units for processing protein microarrays

HS 4800 Pro automated hybridisation station

Tecan | Added: 27 Feb 2013

Researchers at Arizona State University have invested in Tecan units for processing protein microar…

Malvern TDA used for enhanced protein characterisation

Malvern TDA enhances protein characterisation

Malvern Instruments | Added: 21 Feb 2013

Researchers are using multi-detector array size exclusion chromatography (SEC) to improve protein c…


Techniques for nanostructure characterisation

JPK Instruments | Added: 6 Nov 2012

JPK reports on the use of tip assisted optics to characterise biomolecular hydrogels at CIC biomaGU…