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Steady flow keeps systems stable

UHPLC Smart flow control feature keeps systems stable

Added: 7 Apr 2020

Shimadzu describes the benefits of Smart Flow Control in a video demonstrating another feature of t…

Auto-recovering to save resources

UHPLC With Auto recovering to save resources

Added: 3 Apr 2020

Shimadzu describes the benefits of Auto-Diagnostics / Auto Recovery in a video demonstrating anothe…

Real time monitoring minimises downtime

UHPLC Offers Real Time Monitoring To Minimise Downtime

Added: 1 Apr 2020

Shimadzu describes the benefits of Advanced Real-Time Mobile Phase Monitoring in a video demonstrat…

Nexera Ultra HPLC Incorporating Analytical Intelligence

Added: 1 Apr 2019

Shimadzu announces the release of its Nexera Ultra High-Performance Liquid Chromatograph series, in…

Shimadzu To Showcase Benchtop Stars at Lab Innovations 2018

Added: 13 Oct 2018

Lab Innovations, the UK's largest event specifically dedicated to the laboratory industry, has been…

Shimadzu is celebrating its product launch with a prize draw

Shimadzu marks IRSpirit launch

Added: 11 Apr 2018

Shimazdu UK is celebrating the launch of its IRSpirit FTIR spectrophotometer, with a prize draw in …

Nexera Unified Chromatography system

Fully automatic chromatography analysis

Shimadzu UK Ltd | Added: 15 Apr 2015

Shimadzu has launched Nexera UC, a fully automatic system that combines automatic sample pre-treatm…


Pushing the boundaries of liquid chromatography

Shimadzu UK Ltd | Added: 18 Apr 2013

Stuart Phillips, LC/LCMS business manager at Shimadzu UK, explores the company’s recent innovations…

Shimadzu University shares best practice to improve research

Shimadzu University shares best practice to improve research

Shimadzu UK Ltd | Added: 27 Jan 2013

Shimadzu University held a series of ‘sharing best practice’ events on the use of its products.


Inlet enables GC-MS to support multiple tasks

Shimadzu UK Ltd | Added: 14 May 2012

Shimadzu UK has released the OPTIC-4 Multimode Inlet for Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometers.

UHPLC system suitable for demanding applications

Shimadzu UK Ltd | Added: 21 Jul 2011

Shimadzu UK's next-generation Nexera UHPLC system is suitable for demanding applications in the pha…

Shimadzu offers summer savings on GCMS packages

Shimadzu UK Ltd | Added: 11 Jul 2011

Shimadzu is offering up to 25 per cent savings with its summer GCMS package deal, which features th…

Economical and high throughput elemental analysis

Shimadzu UK Ltd | Added: 3 May 2007

Shimadzu ICPE-9000 is a simultaneous ICP-OES spectrometer for elemental analysis of biodiesel and o…

The role of lipid metabolites in inflammation

Shimadzu UK Ltd | Added: 30 Mar 2007

Scientists at Cardiff University are investigating the role of lipid metabolites in cardiovascular …

One-stop shop for GC hardware and consumables

Shimadzu UK Ltd | Added: 22 Jan 2007

Shimadzu has launched a new range of convenient, optimised and competitively priced consumables for…

Versatile high performance Maldi Tof/Tof

Shimadzu UK Ltd | Added: 15 Dec 2006

Axima-Tof2 mass spectrometer is ideal for a variety of applications from high energy MS/MS of prote…

Shimadzu HPLCs in search for new cancer treatment

Shimadzu UK Ltd | Added: 20 Nov 2006

Researchers at Manchester Wolfson Molecular Imaging Centre, use instruments to obtain proof of conc…

Chromatographs from the 'mists of technology'

Shimadzu UK Ltd | Added: 20 Nov 2006

Shimadzu manufactured its first gas chromatograph 50 years ago and, as part of its celebrations, tw…

Maldi-Tof to characterise biomarkers for Down's

Shimadzu UK Ltd | Added: 24 Oct 2006

Researchers at Middlesex University, UK, are using a Shimadzu Maldi-Tof mass spectrometer to analys…