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Easy hyphenation is now available for Metrohm EC-Raman solutions

Easy hyphenation for Metrohm EC-Raman solutions

Added: 29 Jan 2024

Combining electrochemical techniques and in situ Raman spectroscopy are possible via hyphenated EC-…

Metrohm’s Comprehensive Raman Library is a collection of more than 16,200 substances

Metrohm Launches Comprehensive Raman Library

Added: 27 Sep 2023

Metrohm has launches its Comprehensive Raman Library, a collection of more than 16,200 substances d…

The Turnkey Solution for Process Analytical Technology

Added: 13 Sep 2023

Metrohm’s 2060: The NIR Analyser is the next generation of process spectroscopy instruments, which …

Metrohm offers titrators and sensors reliable surfactant content determination

The world of surfactants from the perspective of titration

Added: 26 Jul 2023

With experience in titration method development, Metrohm offers titrators and sensors well-suited f…

A stream of eluent generated just in time with no waste.

Metrohm launches SimplyConcentrate

Added: 20 Apr 2023

From routine ion chromatography analysis to research and development, stand-alone analysers to full…

Metrohm Process Analytics Presents the 2060 The NIR Analyser

Added: 19 Apr 2023

Introducing the newest member of the 2060 platform: the 2060 The NIR Analyser. With its high throug…

Cooperation with USP has resulted in modernisation of numerous monographs

Metrohm helps pharma bring USP methods up to date

Added: 21 Mar 2023

Metrohm has worked with The United States Pharmacopeia (USP) in the modernisation of a substantial …

OMNIS features can help support regulatory compliance

Bringing ‘smarter, not harder’ to the lab

Added: 24 Feb 2023

OMNIS Software from Metrohm has been developed to help labs get the best possible results, using th…

Metrohm launches the PTRam Analyser: A self-calibrating process development Raman system

Added: 23 Nov 2022

The PTRam is a compact, sensitive and robust Raman spectrometer that can be placed on the bench or …

DIN method 38409-59 describes a validated method for comprehensive AOX analysis

Adsorbable organically bound halogens analysis as per DIN 38409-59

Added: 15 Oct 2022

An application note from Metrohm describes a new method to determine adsorbable organically bound h…

The NIR analyser is a turnkey solution for process analytical technology

Added: 12 Oct 2022

Metrohm Process Analytics presents the new member of the 2060 platform: the 2060 The NIR Analyser. …

High precision results from the lab to your process

Added: 10 Aug 2022

Nowadays, it is of utmost importance to carry out accurate process-oriented analyses in order to co…

Raw material identification and verification RMID is a complicated process

Handheld Raman for RMID in pharma and other regulated industries

Added: 23 Feb 2022

Metrohm has released a series of free tutorials designed to help users learn about RMID with MIRA P…

Process analysers as proactive solutions for online corrosion monitoring

Added: 8 Dec 2021

Across the globe, industries spend trillions of pounds annually in an effort to prevent and combat …

Metrohm’s 2060 Human Interface solution for industrial process automation and monitoring

Added: 18 Aug 2021

With the ongoing growth of process analytical technologies and of connected devices, more efforts h…

PTRam is a self-calibrating portable Raman system

New technology to increase process understanding

Added: 9 Aug 2021

B&W Tek introduces the PTRam, a self-calibrating portable Raman system for process development appl…

Online continuous TOC/TC/COD analyser from Metrohm Process Analytics

Added: 14 Jun 2021

Designed from the start with simple maintenance requirements and robust TOC measurement.

The benefits of the KF oven technique can be considerable

Karl Fischer oven technique approved for water content in petrochemicals

Added: 14 Feb 2021

ASTM D6304 has been revised to include the Karl Fischer oven technique in order to address the chal…

Customised online-monitoring of industrial processes from Metrohm

Added: 25 Jan 2021

An integrated solution for 24/7 online-monitoring of critical chemical parameters in industrial pro…

MATi 4 from Metrohm

Fast, reliable, automated water analysis of liquids

Added: 8 Oct 2020

MATi 4 from Metrohm is a configured system for automated water content determination in liquid samp…