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The NIRS XDS MasterLab Analyser provides dedicated NIR analysis for rapid non-destructive analysis o

Metrohm unveils NIR analyser

Metrohm (UK) | Added: 30 Aug 2013

The NIRS XDS MasterLab Analyser provides dedicated NIR analysis for rapid non-destructive analysis …

Metrohm NIR analyser

Metrohm introduces NIR analyser

Metrohm (UK) | Added: 12 Aug 2013

The NIRS DS2500 near infrared analyser is designed to offer users enhanced accuracy across a broad …

Metrohm PGSTAT204

Metrohm expands its Autolab range

Metrohm (UK) | Added: 4 Jul 2013

The PGSTAT204 electrochemical instrument is the company’s latest modular potentiostat/ galvanostat …

Titration of pink milk

Determining thermoelectric titration of sodium

Metrohm (UK) | Added: 31 May 2013

Researchers at Metrohm have developed a methodology to determine total sodium content within soy mi…

Determining halogens and sulphur in differing matrices

Metrohm (UK) | Added: 7 Feb 2013

Metrohm has produced 11 new application notes on combustion ion chromatography (CIC). 

Food analysis

Metrohm hosts free food analysis seminar

Metrohm (UK) | Added: 16 May 2012

Metrohm UK and Anton Paar will be delivering a seminar on food and beverage analysis on Wednesday 1…

Metrohm UK to supply DropSens

Metrohm (UK) | Added: 9 Jan 2012

Metrohm UK is now the official distributor of DropSens screen printed electrodes and Potentiostats

Titrando system has expandable measuring interface

Metrohm (UK) | Added: 7 Sep 2009

Metrohm is offering its Titrando system, consisting of a titrator with one measuring interface that…

Metrohm Processlab analyser uses Titrando software

Metrohm (UK) | Added: 4 Sep 2009

Metrohm has launched its Processlab atline analyser that uses Titrando titrator and tiamo software.

Metrohm offers oven sample processor for titration

Metrohm (UK) | Added: 3 Sep 2009

Metrohm is offering the 874 USB oven sample processor for automatic thermal sample preparation for …

Metrohm Wine Titrino titrator has LCD screen

Metrohm (UK) | Added: 3 Sep 2009

Metrohm has launched its Wine Titrino, a compact titrator with an LCD screen for real-time curve re…

Metrohm 864 automatically processes liquid samples

Metrohm (UK) | Added: 31 Aug 2009

The Metrohm 864 Robotic Balance Sample Processor automatically weighs, dissolves and analyses liqui…

Metrohm launches 833 Basic IC system

Metrohm (UK) | Added: 28 Aug 2009

The Metrohm 833 Basic IC is said to be designed to meet the requirements of schools and universitie…

Conductivity Module 856 enhances titration devices

Metrohm (UK) | Added: 27 Aug 2009

Metrohm has introduced the 856 Conductivity Module, which can be used as a stand-alone instrument i…

Metrohm offers training courses and workshops

Metrohm (UK) | Added: 26 Aug 2009

Metrohm UK is offering a number of options to meet customers' training needs for titration, Karl Fi…

Metrohm offers instrumentation training packages

Metrohm (UK) | Added: 26 Aug 2009

Metrohm is offering its Scholar program instrumentation package for schools and universities.

Metrohm chromatography meets ASTM requirement

Metrohm (UK) | Added: 26 Aug 2009

Metrohm has developed a direct-injection, suppressed ion chromatography method for determining chlo…

Metrohm sampler can rinse 100-place sample racks

Metrohm (UK) | Added: 25 Aug 2009

Metrohm's 855 Titrosampler can rinse sample racks which have up to 100 individual sample places.

Automatic determination of hydroxyl number

Metrohm (UK) | Added: 21 Aug 2009

Metrohm has described a system and method to provide automatic determination of hydroxyl number (HN…

Titrino Plus range ideal for routine applications

Metrohm (UK) | Added: 20 Aug 2009

Metrohm has released the 848 and 877 Titrino Plus instruments for potentiometric titration.