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Porvair microplate systems

Enhanced support for microplate systems

Porvair Sciences | Added: 8 Oct 2014

Porvair Sciences has appointed SPEware as its exclusive partner for supporting and servicing its Ul…

SYBR Green Supermix has been optimised and validated to tolerate a wide spectrum of PCR inhibitors

Inhibitor-tolerant supermix from Bio-Rad

Bio-Rad Laboratories | Added: 15 Aug 2014

Bio-Rad Laboratories has launched the SsoAdvanced Universal Inhibitor-Tolerant SYBR Green Supermix,…

YSI 2900

YSI boosts antitumour activity research

YSI Life Sciences (UK) | Added: 31 Jul 2014

The YSI 2900 series biochemistry analyser has been increasingly used in understanding the growth an…

EKF is now sponsoring an MSc studentship to further evaluate the use of PointMan

PointMan suggests cancer blood test

EKF Diagnostics | Added: 24 Jul 2014

EKF Diagnostics claims that the latest results from its collaboration with the Institute of Life Sc…

 Antimicrobial Array V will test for Chloramphenicol and Nitroimidazoles

Antimicrobial test comes to market

Randox Laboratories | Added: 22 Jul 2014

Randox Food Diagnostics has unveiled a reliable screening test for a highly regulated group of anti…

peak scientific logo

The reliable purification of hydrogen

Peak Scientific Instruments | Added: 11 Jul 2014

Peak Scientific gas chromatography specialist Ed Connor explains the performance of palladium diffu…

Bioo Scientific have launched Sciclone and Biomek Protocols to Eliminate NGS Library Prep Bottleneck

Next-gen sequencing library prep

Bioo Scientific | Added: 27 Jun 2014

Bioo Scientific has launched automated methods for next generation sequencing library preparation o…

Streck controls contain true cellular material that undergoes the same procedural conditions as a pa

Laboratory test control system

Alpha Laboratories | Added: 13 Jun 2014

Alpha Laboratories have launched Streck controls designed to provide accuracy and consistency to la…

YSI unveils its 2900 analyser as sugar analysis tool

Sugar-free testing tool

YSI Life Sciences (UK) | Added: 9 Jun 2014

The 2900 series analyser from YSI is ideal for the sugar content analysis of food products.

Captivate O45 is the eighth product in the LAB M range

Lab M expands Captivate range

Neogen Culture Media | Added: 6 May 2014

Lab M has added Captivate O45 to its range of Captivate immunomagnetic separation (IMS) products.

STAT-NAT products contain all the reaction components for PCR including the Hot Start Polymerase.

Coming out of the cold

Alpha Laboratories | Added: 8 Apr 2014

Alpha Laboratories’ STAT-NAT Thermally Stable PCR Master Mix is a protective compound that stabilis…

The sensitive MaxSignal Amantadine ELISA Test Kit, with detection limits of 0.25 ppb in meat, is bas

ELISA amantadine detection

Bioo Scientific | Added: 12 Mar 2014

Bioo Scientific has launched the MaxSignal Amantadine ELISA Test Kit for the detection of amantadin…

Copley Scientific’s Dissofract, an automated sampler for tablet dissolution testing, will be on di

Tablet testing at Analytica

Copley Scientific | Added: 4 Mar 2014

Copley Scientific will focus on systems from its range of test equipment for pharmaceutical solid d…

The Pentra XLR is suitable for space-restricted laboratories or those with a smaller workload.

Compact haematology analyser

Horiba Medical | Added: 25 Feb 2014

Horiba UK has launched the Pentra XLR compact five part DIFF haematology analyser.

The new Viscosizer 200 from Malvern Instruments

Malvern launches Viscosizer 200

Malvern Instruments | Added: 9 Aug 2013

The Viscosizer 200 from Malvern Instruments is the newest launch from its Bioscience Development In…

Innopsys' Innoscan 710 IR scanner

Scienion and Innopsys offer joint product

Scienion | Added: 10 Apr 2013

Scienion AG and Innopsys have joined forces to integrate microarray production and detection equipm…

HORIBA UK Ltd Medical Division will be exhibiting the Microsemi CRP haematology analyser at Pulse Li

Horiba UK unveils haematology analyser

Horiba Medical | Added: 9 Apr 2013

HORIBA UK Medical Division will be exhibiting the Microsemi CRP haematology analyser at Pulse Live.

Guy de Roo and Bas Kokke

Avacta chosen for pharmaceutical studies

Avacta Analytical | Added: 8 Apr 2013

Pharmaceutical developers have chosen the Avacta Optim 1000 for preliminary formulation studies.


Icon launches series to share expertise and insight

Icon | Added: 26 Mar 2013

The Icon signature series claims to offer expert insight into value-driven strategies for clinical …

The case for rapid DNA technology

GE Analytical Instruments | Added: 8 Mar 2013

GE discusses how DNA analysis is helping speed up the investigative process, reduce recidivism and …