Applied Kilovolts

Applied Kilovolts
Woods Way
Goring by Sea
Goring by Sea
West Sussex
BN12 4QY

Latest Articles

Applied has fast-switching power supplies

Applied Kilovolts | Added: 17 Feb 2009

SC series power supplies

Applied Kilovolts meets RoHS, ISO 9001 commitments

Applied Kilovolts | Added: 21 Jul 2006

Pplied Kilovolts, a supplier of high stability, high voltage power supplies for scientific instrume…

X-ray power supplies are reliable

Applied Kilovolts | Added: 16 Mar 2006

XL and XF power supplies

New premises for power supply specialist

Applied Kilovolts | Added: 19 Apr 2005

The main applications for these precision power modules are in mass spectroscopy and low power X-ra…


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