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Latest Articles

SIMX cameras can be configured to give up to 16 different multi-spectral images

Ultra high-speed framing camera

Specialised Imaging | Added: 23 Jul 2014

The SIMX Ultra High-Speed Framing Camera from Specialised Imaging is designed to provide ultra high…

The SIL2 family of gated image intensifier systems improve the sensitivity, gating time, and spectra

Universal image intensifier

Specialised Imaging | Added: 4 Apr 2014

Specialised Imaging has introduced a high speed relay lens to enable easy interfacing of its SIL2 r…

Specialised Imaging has always strived to develop ultra high speed camera systems that enable users

Ultra high-speed imaging accessories

Specialised Imaging | Added: 15 Nov 2013

Specialised Imaging has created a web page to describe the growing range of accessories for its ult…

The SIM-D framing camera is capable of capturing images at 1,000,000,000 frames per second

Measurement institute chooses SIM-D Camera

Specialised Imaging | Added: 21 Oct 2013

Specialised Imaging has delivered a 16-channel SIM-D framing camera capable of capturing images at …

SIM Camera Assists In Development of Fusion Energy Power Generator

1 billion frames-per-second camera

Specialised Imaging | Added: 18 Sep 2013

The SIM-D8 ultra high-speed framing camera is being used to look at the behaviour of plasma generat…

Specialised Imaging launches a new issue of its 'High Speed Framing Cameras for Scientific Research'

Imaging systems for defence research

Specialised Imaging | Added: 1 Jul 2013

Specialised Imaging has launched the latest issue of its ’High Speed Framing Cameras for Scientific…

Specialised Imaging camera trigger

Specialised Imaging launches robust trigger

Specialised Imaging | Added: 18 Jun 2013

The OT3 battery-driven optical trigger is designed to mobilise imaging for use with high speed came…


Servicing of high speed framing and still cameras

Specialised Imaging | Added: 2 Apr 2013

Specialised Imaging (SI) offers high quality servicing and repair of high speed framing and still c…


Launch of 2 million frames/second digital video camera

Specialised Imaging | Added: 12 Oct 2012

Kirana combines the flexibility of video with the resolution of an ultra high-speed framing camera.


Multi-head camera provides detailed 3D analysis

Specialised Imaging | Added: 28 Sep 2012

A 3D pitch, yaw and velocity solution was developed using the SIM Cerberus system for the study of …


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