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Warner Instruments
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Flat surface temperature T plates for live-cell imaging

Warner Instruments | Added: 7 Jan 2013

The Okolab T Plate has a built in temperature sensor and is suitable for use with inverted microsco…


Incubator controls parameters for live-cell imaging

Warner Instruments | Added: 20 Dec 2012

Warner Instruments has launched the Okolab Bold Line Stage Top Incubator system designed for live-c…


Gas controllers improve hypoxia and hyperoxia tests

Warner Instruments | Added: 20 Nov 2012

Warner Instruments has introduced the Bold Line CO2 - O2 gas controller for live-cell imaging exper…

Warner offers coverslips for microscopy imaging

Warner Instruments | Added: 11 Jul 2011

German borosilicate glass coverslips

Warner introduces oscillating tissue slicer

Warner Instruments | Added: 20 Jun 2011

OTS 5000 tissue slicer

Microscopes meet cell biology research needs

Warner Instruments | Added: 10 May 2011

Unitron and Accu-Scope microscopes

Warner introduces VPP-8 pressurisation kit

Warner Instruments | Added: 23 Mar 2011

VPP-8 pressurisation kit


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