BioTek Instruments

BioTek Instruments
Highland Industrial Park
PO Box 998
VT 05404

Latest Articles

Cytation 5

Cell imaging multi-mode reader

BioTek Instruments | Added: 1 Dec 2014

The Cytation 5 imaging reader from BioTek includes added functionality to the automated digital mic…

Biotek introduces select deep-well washer

BioTek Instruments | Added: 20 Jun 2011

ELx405 deep-well washer

Biotek introduces secure liquid-handling control

BioTek Instruments | Added: 6 Jun 2011

Liquid Handling Control (LHC) Secure

Microplate washer gets automated vacuum filtration

BioTek Instruments | Added: 3 Jan 2011

Biotek EL406 Microplate Washer Dispenser

Multiflo dispenses reagents into microplates

BioTek Instruments | Added: 10 Sep 2010

Multiflo Microplate Dispenser

Biotek offers hybrid multi-mode microplate reader

BioTek Instruments | Added: 26 Aug 2010

Synergy H1 hybrid multi-mode microplate reader

Spectrophotometer enables protein quantification

BioTek Instruments | Added: 13 Jul 2010

Epoch multi-volume spectrophotometer system

Biotek expands Synergy microplate reader range

BioTek Instruments | Added: 7 Jul 2010

Synergy 2 Alpha microplate reader

Multi-volume spectrophotometer used in HMP study

BioTek Instruments | Added: 28 Jun 2010

Epoch multi-volume spectrophotometer

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