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Cellomics offers customers expanded HCS training

Cellomics Europe | Added: 15 Sep 2006

Advanced courses in HCS applications

Cellomics confers with European customers

Cellomics Europe | Added: 28 Jun 2006

More than 60 customers shared their experiences and provided insight for development of new tools d…

Beckman Coulter selects Cellomics for HCS services

Cellomics Europe | Added: 13 Jun 2006

Cellomics, the creator of high content screening (HCS), has reached an agreement to provide mainten…

Strengthening reagent portfolio through BioImage

Cellomics Europe | Added: 27 Apr 2006

Fisher Biosciences has acquired BioImage to expand its offering in high content screening and analy…

Collaborating on cell biology for life sciences

Cellomics Europe | Added: 1 Feb 2006

Agreement involves high content screening (HCS) technology and specific HCS assays such as cytoplas…

Collaborating with Max Planck over HCS

Cellomics Europe | Added: 2 Nov 2005

ArrayScan VTI HCS reader

Tube formation in high-content angiogenesis assays

Cellomics Europe | Added: 13 Sep 2005

Tube formation bioapplication

European focus for high-content screening

Cellomics Europe | Added: 23 Jun 2005

Cellomics expands European operations through user group implementation and expanded support groups


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