Clean Air Products

Clean Air Products
8605 Wyoming Ave N
Minneapolis, MN

Latest Articles

Modular cleanroom walls for fast easy installation

Clean Air Products | Added: 14 Feb 2007

Series 901 modular cleanroom walls

Durable stainless steel garment rack for cleanroom

Clean Air Products | Added: 13 Dec 2006

Series 38ST garment rack

Stainless steel cleanroom tables are perforated

Clean Air Products | Added: 15 Nov 2006

Series 64 cleanroom tables

Modular cleanrooms for Class 100,000 to Class 10

Clean Air Products | Added: 13 Sep 2006

Series 583 hardwall modular cleanrooms

Cleanroom plenum sections offer flexibility

Clean Air Products | Added: 9 Aug 2006

Series 150 vertical flow modular plenum sections


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