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Latest Articles

FLEX UV-visible-NIR microspectrophotometer

Flexible UV-visible spectrophotometer

Craic Technologies | Added: 7 Jan 2015

CRAIC Technologies has launched the FLEX UV-visible-NIR microspectrophotometer concept, designed to…

The complete CRAIC Technologies microspot film thickness solution combines an advanced microspectrop

Thin film thickness measurements

Craic Technologies | Added: 24 Mar 2014

CRAIC Technologies has introduced FilmPro film thickness measurement software to plug into its micr…

TimePro software

Spectroscopy of microscopic samples

Craic Technologies | Added: 8 Jan 2014

CRAIC TimePro software is used with CRAIC Technologies microspectrometers to measure the kinetic UV…

CRAIC Technologies releases its ImageUV microscope camera control and image analysis software for Wi

IAS for Windows 8 from CRAIC Technologies

Craic Technologies | Added: 9 Jul 2013

CRAIC Technologies has announced the release of its ImageUV microscope camera control and image ana…

Lambdafire software package

Imaging software from Craic Technologies

Craic Technologies | Added: 4 Jun 2013

The Lambdafire microspectroscopy imaging platform is designed to collect, analyse and process micro…


CRAIC offers searchable databases of Raman spectra

Craic Technologies | Added: 10 Jan 2013

CRAIC is offering searchable databases of Raman spectra for the Apollo Raman microspectrometer.


Laser wavelengths added to Apollo microspectrometer

Craic Technologies | Added: 15 Nov 2012

CRAIC Technologies has announced the addition of more laser wavelengths to its Apollo microspectrom…


Raman spectroscopy of microscopic sampling areas

Craic Technologies | Added: 16 Jul 2012

Elliot Scientific introduces the CRAIC Apollo Raman Spectrometer for research, metrology and qualit…

Craic tool measures thickness of thin films

Craic Technologies | Added: 11 Jul 2011

20/20 XL film-thickness measurement tool

Spectrophotometer enables micro-scale analysis

Craic Technologies | Added: 31 May 2011

308 PV microscope spectrophotometer



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