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Latest Articles

DataApex opens training centre for Clarity users

DataApex | Added: 1 Feb 2011

Clarity chromatography software training

Centre offers chromatography software training

DataApex | Added: 24 Aug 2010

Clarity chromatography software

DataApex announces Clarity v2.8 enhancements

DataApex | Added: 26 Oct 2009

Clarity chromatography software

Driver provides users with full function control

DataApex | Added: 31 Mar 2009

Control driver for Softa detectors

Data-Apex enhances chromatography software

DataApex | Added: 30 Jan 2009

Clarity v2.6.06

DataApex and Young Lin announce OEM cooperation

DataApex | Added: 18 Apr 2008

Young Lin Instruments will market an OEM version of DataApex's proven product Clarity chromatograph…

New Clarity chromatography software runs Vista

DataApex | Added: 22 Aug 2007

Clarity version 2.5 chromatography software


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