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Latest Articles

Geneus manages Solid System's lab data

Genologics | Added: 9 Apr 2009

Geneus data-management solution

Genologics announces funding round completion

Genologics | Added: 3 Mar 2009

Genologics has announced that it has completed USD5m in financing, which will be applied towards on…

Wellcome Trust deploys Geneus management solution

Genologics | Added: 20 Jan 2009

Geneus laboratory and data management solution

Illumina selects Genologics as lab partner

Genologics | Added: 17 Nov 2008

Geneus system

Genologics signs three-year agreement with Pfizer

Genologics | Added: 12 Nov 2008

Genologics will provide informatics solutions to Pfizer's research laboratories for the next three …


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