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Catalyst screening reaction blocks from HEL

HEL Ltd | Added: 28 May 2013

These manual multi-sample screening vessels have been designed to provide a simple easy-to-use tool…

HEL flow

The potential of flow technologies

HEL Ltd | Added: 7 May 2013

Researchers at HEL have developed a benchtop scale version of an industrial fixed bed reactor for t…


Developments in calorimetry techniques

HEL Ltd | Added: 1 Feb 2013

Lab reactor company, HEL, will be discussing developments in calorimetry at the APACT Conference in…


HEL improves catalyst screening in extreme conditions

HEL Ltd | Added: 1 May 2012

HEL’s range of tools for screening catalysts is being upgraded to enable operation in severe condit…

HEL repackages Polyblock 4 tool for bench chemists

HEL Ltd | Added: 14 Jun 2011

Polyblock 4 tool

HEL supplies reaction system to Imperial's SPEL

HEL Ltd | Added: 25 Mar 2011

Reaction systems

High-strength battery-testing calorimeter

HEL Ltd | Added: 15 Dec 2010

Hel's Phi-tec Battery-Testing Calorimeter

Subsieve Autosizer generates Fisher number

HEL Ltd | Added: 17 Aug 2010

Subsieve Autosizer

Reactor block offers improved mixing control

HEL Ltd | Added: 19 Jul 2010

Polyblock multi-position reactor block


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