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Latest Articles

LifeAct probe useful for angiogenesis studies

Ibidi | Added: 9 Aug 2010

LifeAct probe

Ibidi releases U-Slide Chemotaxis 3D

Ibidi | Added: 6 Aug 2010

U-Slide Chemotaxis 3D

Ibidi products enhance visibility in cell analysis

Ibidi | Added: 27 Mar 2009

Ibidi wounding inserts

Angiogenesis assays in slide format

Ibidi | Added: 4 Apr 2008

u-Slide Angiogenesis

35mm dish has built-in cell relocation grid

Ibidi | Added: 19 Nov 2007


Ibidi releases new chemotaxis slide

Ibidi | Added: 24 Jan 2007

Chemotaxis u-Slide

Ibidi extends partnership with Applied Biophysics

Ibidi | Added: 7 Feb 2006

Ibidi has announced the extension of its partnership to exclusively distribute the products of Appl…

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