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West Sussex
BN14 8NP

Latest Articles

Making contact in fluidics, valve included

Lemo | Added: 7 Jul 2008

P1/P3 Fludic contact with valve

Redel disposable plugs from Lemo

Lemo | Added: 10 Feb 2006

Redel 1P

Modular connectors for most applications

Lemo | Added: 10 Feb 2006

Lemo connector range

Connector part number generator available online

Lemo | Added: 1 Mar 2005

Online part number generator

Fluidic connector for medical equipment

Lemo | Added: 20 Aug 2003

Fluidic connector

Secure electronic and fibre optic connections

Lemo | Added: 11 Apr 2003

General company product range


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