Nikon Instruments

Nikon Instruments
1300 Walt Whitman Road
New York
NY 11747

Latest Articles

Nikon Instruments - latest company news

Nikon Instruments | Added: 7 Mar 2011

7 March 2011 - Nikon has announced that it will begin accepting movies taken through the microscope…

Laser combiner integrated into research microscope

Nikon Instruments | Added: 12 Jan 2011

Ti-E PFS Perfect Focus microscope

Nikon opens Small World competition voting

Nikon Instruments | Added: 11 Sep 2009

Small World Photomicrography competition

Nikon microscope offers high zoom magnification

Nikon Instruments | Added: 14 Aug 2009

SMZ-745T trinocular stereo microscopes

Nikon announces Small World competition deadline

Nikon Instruments | Added: 3 Apr 2009

Small World competition

Chick embryo wins popular vote

Nikon Instruments | Added: 28 Oct 2008

Small World Photomicrography Competition

Nikon appoints Labsco as clinical lab dealer

Nikon Instruments | Added: 23 Oct 2008

Nikon Instruments has appointed Labsco as its clinical laboratory dealer in Kentucky, Indiana, Tenn…



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