P+R Labpak
Unit 6 Ketterer Court
Jackson Street
St Helens

Latest Articles

Laboratory balances reduce measurement errors

P+R Labpak | Added: 3 Oct 2011

micro and analytical laboratory balances

P and R introduces diaphragm liquid transfer pump

P+R Labpak | Added: 13 Sep 2011

KNF Lab Liquiport NF300 pump

Tough balance has mg resolution

P+R Labpak | Added: 1 May 2008


Three spectrophotometer models in Jenway 67 series

P+R Labpak | Added: 29 Apr 2008

67 series spectrophotometers

Conductivity and pH measurement are made easier

P+R Labpak | Added: 9 Aug 2007

FiveEasy FE20 pH meter

10% discount off the LTE range of IP incubators

P+R Labpak | Added: 22 Jan 2007

IP Series incubators

New premises for P+R Labpak

P+R Labpak | Added: 4 Jan 2007

The new modern premises will allow for better stock handling while maintaining excellent transport …

Can't afford a high quality balance? Think again

P+R Labpak | Added: 1 Nov 2006

FX-i value precision balance

Analytical balances meet the needs of laboratories

P+R Labpak | Added: 26 Jun 2006

Adam Equipment PW analytical balances


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