Pharmaceutical Profiles

Pharmaceutical Profiles
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Attending key industry events in December

Pharmaceutical Profiles | Added: 6 Dec 2005

Aerosol Society's Drug Delivery to the Lungs event is the premiere European conference for the pres…

Continued expansion of Asian presence

Pharmaceutical Profiles | Added: 28 Nov 2005

Pharmaceutical Profiles is to attend the 26th annual meeting of the Japanese Society of Clinical Ph…

Firm heads to key pharma industry event

Pharmaceutical Profiles | Added: 1 Nov 2005

American Association of Pharmaceutical Sciences annual meeting regularly attracts more than 7500 ph…

Scintigraphy to visualise in vivo targeting

Pharmaceutical Profiles | Added: 13 Jun 2005

Around 30% of drug candidates fail to progress beyond Phase I healthy volunteer studies, and these …

Career achievement award

Pharmaceutical Profiles | Added: 31 May 2005

Ian Wilding will receive the 2005 Career Achievement in Oral Drug Delivery Award, sponsored by the …

Compliance certificates won for Phase I trials

Pharmaceutical Profiles | Added: 12 Feb 2005

Prior to the introduction of the EU Clinical Trials Directive in May 2004, there was no regulatory …

Another drug development webinar

Pharmaceutical Profiles | Added: 29 Oct 2004

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Enjoying an Indian summer

Pharmaceutical Profiles | Added: 5 Oct 2004

General company product range

Science is golden for new recruits

Pharmaceutical Profiles | Added: 25 Jun 2004

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