Spectronic Camspec ltd

Spectronic Camspec ltd
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Latest Articles

The Spectro MS

Metal extraction demonstrations at IMCET

Spectronic Camspec ltd | Added: 22 Apr 2013

Spectro demonstrated new ways to establish the contents of platinum at IMCET in Turkey last week.

Oxford receives instruments for mercury research

Spectronic Camspec ltd | Added: 11 Aug 2009

Laboratory instruments - mercury research

Spectronic open day leads to microscope sales

Spectronic Camspec ltd | Added: 7 Jul 2009

Leica MZ16A with IC3D and stereo Explorer software

Spectronic Analytical - latest company news

Spectronic Camspec ltd | Added: 19 Mar 2009

19 March 2009 - Spectronic Analytical Instruments has announced that it has acquired the business o…

Spectronic to showcase Lumex air mercury monitor

Spectronic Camspec ltd | Added: 10 Mar 2009

Lumex's static RA-915AM air mercury monitor



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