Spark Holland
P. de Keyserstraat 8
P.O. Box 388
7800 AJ

Latest Articles

Pump provides 18,000psi for UHPLC flow rates

Spark Holland | Added: 23 Apr 2010

SPH1240 high-pressure pump

Spark Holland - latest company news

Spark Holland | Added: 13 Aug 2009

13 August 2009 - Spark Holland and Dilab have entered into a development partnership.

Vial-to-file bioanalysis in a single step

Spark Holland | Added: 16 Feb 2006

Symbiosis Pharma s

Spark expands sales in the USA

Spark Holland | Added: 9 Feb 2005

Spark Holland has added Toni Cox and Valerie Coultier as senior account managers to its US sales fo…

Restructuring production to strengthen position

Spark Holland | Added: 17 Sep 2004

General company product range

HTS in the USA

Spark Holland | Added: 25 Apr 2003




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