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Diagnostic specialist buys Lims creator

Clinisys | Added: 4 Apr 2005

Torex Laboratory Systems owns and supports LabCentre - the widely used UK laboratory information ma…

Clinisys is new name for Sysmed and Clinisis

Clinisys | Added: 25 Oct 2004

General company product range

Pathology must plan for future change

Clinisys | Added: 15 Jun 2004

Modernising Pathology IT

Delivering on the diabetes framework

Clinisys | Added: 4 Feb 2004

Diabetes NSF

Clinisis bought by Sysmed

Clinisys | Added: 14 Jan 2004

General company product range

Sysmed acquires Appareo healthcare division

Clinisys | Added: 31 Oct 2003

General company product range

Automating the UK's largest path lab

Clinisys | Added: 15 Oct 2003

Whitfield Street Laboratory


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